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Fabulous Delta Burke
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Meeting Delta!

I met Delta Burke on Dec. 26 2003! I came from florida to see her in Thoroughly Modern Millie!  The show was great! I had awesome seats! and she was sooo awesome in the play! After the show me and my mom went to the stage door and my mom had talked to the guy before and so he said you guys can come wait in here!, cause it was soo cold out,and I was like ooomg! LOL. And after a few min. some lady had asked delta if i can come up and meet her, and delta said sure!, and then the lady goes ok ladys come up! I was like ahhhhh omg!!!!!! and i almost started 2 cry, no1 ever gets to go backstage and i got to! so im entering delta's dressing room and she says hii! and im like ahhh hi! lol, and my mom goes Delta look at my daughter's ______, i had delta burke written on something of mine but im not going to say LOL, cause it was my idea LOL, and delta goes omg! thats so sweet!, no1 has ever done that for me ever! and she looved it!, she goes come here let me take a picture of ( the thing i had her name written on lol .) w/ my camera so i can remember you! i was sooooo happy!!!! and then i told her how much i loved the show and i came from florida to see her, and she was like aww, and she asked where in Florida i lived, and she said she wanted to move 15 min from where i live--Sarasota, and she was talking about where she lived in orlando, and where she has lived, and then i said i love going for broke, and she said and mac ( her husband) and her mite do another lifetime movie called Witness something, i cant remeber.., and we were talking about her husband, and i asked where he was, and she was talking about sweet potatoe queens ( the show she was gonna do) and she wants to do another show, and shes like sweet potatoe queens i would get to wear crowns! lol, shes soo cute the way she talks..LOL!, and i asked her if shes gonna stop doing the show in feb. because thats what i heard, and she probably, and when we 1st walked in she hugged me hello! and i was asking how long before she comes to do her make-up, and she said 2 hrs. and i was like wooow! LOL, and she said she had some1 do her make-up for her at 1st and now she does it herself, and shes sooooo pretty! and her eyes too lol, looking into them when you talk 2 her--they are so pretty. She showed me pictures of her and her family, and her dogs! their cute! delta is so down to earth! we were just talking for so long, and if we didnt have 2 go she would have let us stay longer!, and she signed my book and playbills,and when i had to go she hugged me goodbye, and we were there for like 20 min or more! delta you're the best! i love you! cant wait to meet you again!!!!!!!!
- I look a little taller then delta because i had high high heels on lol. -
the other pics of me and delta will be on here soon.


DeLtA BuRke 4EvErRrRr!!!!!!!! ( LoL...)

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